Friday, 22 March 2013

Black & White Town

Thanks to all you lovely buyers that purchased a print from me last week.

Digital prints will be available shortly if any are interested. Please contact me directly if you should wish.

Whilst gathering all portfolio images into groups and listening to The Doves in the studio, I discovered a bunch of black and white images I illustrated from my travels to New Zealand and Australia. Including the wonderfully strange Quokka, only found on Rottnest Island off the coast of Fremantle in Western Australia!

This has inspired more black and white illustrations to add to my new online portfolios and preparing me for what I might be inspired by in my upcoming travels planned to visit Dubai and India!

Here's a reminder of those illustrations, until next week,


Kiwi Bird


Tui Bird

Boxing Clever

Friday, 15 March 2013

Prints for sale and cheese!

The last few weeks I've been preparing images for screen printing watch this space over the coming weeks. My first few 'Alright Treacle?' are ready to go to some of your lovely homes!

Alright Treacle? Screen printed image by Jhinuk Sarkar

Three limited edition screen prints are here for sale, sizes are approximately 25 x 25cm and at the bargain price of £40 + P&P. Contact me via email to make your purchase, but hurry, these are few and far between!

Also, you have the opportunity for a short time to WIN one of my prints of Griff House in Warwickshire! Linked to the forthcoming event 'A Ploughed Heart' by the fantastic Playwright Vanessa Oakes, Griff House is revamped using my fountain pen and richly coloured inks.

Griff House illustrated by Vanessa Oakes for 'The Ploughed Heart' event by Vanessa Oakes

If you would like this lovely giclĂ©e print on Hahnemuhle German Etching paper on your wall, visit Vanessa's blog here.

Vanessa kindly posted a little biography about me and my inspirations surrounding illustration, therefore, for the weekend, I thought I would remind you all how much I love cheese:

'Cheese, Glorious Cheese' illustrated in inks by by Jhinuk Sarkar

Please get in touch with any of your illustration needs (there is always a need for illustration), and in the mean time have a great weekend!