Friday, 15 February 2013

Websites and Secrets

This week, apart from pulling together some imagery ready to  start screen-printing with I created three exclusive illustrations for the Royal College of Art's Secret Postcard exhibition coming up in March!

Always exciting to have my work featured alongside top artists! It is a secret, so I'm not going to reveal the illustrations until they have opened the exhibition....but this image I made on a trip to New York once might give you some clues as to the theme I used this year...

And also, slightly un-work related, I have signed myself up to a bike ride from London for the arts organisation I work for. It's definitely inspired me to draw more bicycles next week! You can find out more here and so I thought today this illustration might also be apt:

I saw a great band called Local Natives last night and they have also inspired me to create some illustrations of mask designs I'll be making over the next couple of weeks.

Aside from tying up a few commissions of design work I've started to get to grips with my own website design which is hopefully going to be a clean, smart place filled with illustrations made by me! More on this next week and in the mean time have a happy Friday!

Jhinuk x

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