Monday, 24 February 2014

Work in the 'Hello? I Love You?' exhibition

The group exhibition I am in lasts for one more week at House Gallery in Camberwell, London. If you don't think you'll have a chance to see it or access the gallery I've given you a snapshot of my work in the exhibition below (unfortunately there is a tiny spiral staircase which is the only way into the gallery, but it is a lovely space, and has a great café).

Here is my work with details of sizes etc, alongside some pictures of the work in situe in the gallery.

'Black Sand'
Monoprint, Collage, Pencil & Inks
£80 (30 x 42cm)
'Chasing Lizards'
Indian Inks and Washes
£65 (45 x 35cm)

'The Good Egg'
Limited Edition Giclée Print
Online price: £40 (30 x 21cm)

'Even in the Summer, Even in the Spring...'
Inks, Pencil & Yacht Varnish
Online price: £60 (Frame size 42 x 30cm)

'My Kind's Your Kind'
Inks, Pencil & Yacht Varnish
Online price: £60 (Frame size 30 x 42cm)
'This Is Why I Fell In Love'
Inks, Pencil & Yacht Varnish
Online price: £60 (Frame size 30 x 42cm)

(All three tree images can be sold together for an online price of £150)

If you want to see more work by the other artists featured in the exhibition, please visit our 'Hello? I Love You?' exhibition page here.

And lastly, some work I produced which never made the cut (my edit!) for the exhibition....but that I thought I would share with you here:

Heart of Glass
Collage, Pencil & Indian Inks
£80 (42 x 30cm)

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again
Collage, Monoprint & Indian Inks
£80 (42 x 30cm)

Hello? I Love You?
Collage, Monoprint & Indian Inks
£80 (30 x 42cm)

If you are interested in any of the work or would like to see them in detail, please get in contact with me:

Email: or Phone: 07967 604 243

Until next time! Thanks for looking,


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